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"An artwork is always something alive, this is the difference"​


Juan del Pozo´s  Signature Aesthetic

James Giles, London

Spanish contemporary impressionist Juan del Pozo paints vibrant cityscapes in chromatic, pastel hues. This new original painting is stunningly orchestrated with thick, expressive brushstrokes that create a dynamic interplay between the subject matter and mark making, giving the populated scene a brilliant sense of rhythmical motion

"Una obra de arte siempre tiene vida, esa es la diferencia"​



Architecture, with its skyscraper silhouettes and exquisite facades, is the primarily subject in these paintings. Juan del Pozo incorporates his particular way to depict the life and colors over the iconic buildings of major metropolises like Madrid, London or  New York 

Gran Via sunset

The Sea 

Juan del Pozo uses thick brush strokes, applicating pure pigment juxtaposed with one another, so that from afar they blend into harmonious tones to capture the essence of nature’s colours, creating effect into the lights

La Ola 100x100.JPG
Parra dorada.jpg

Nature & Interiors

These paintings show in depicting everyday life inside home and also in outdoor surroundings. His particular way to depict light showering the shapes and highlights the shades and textures in the garden.



These art works depict the beauty of the night, creating scenes and  renderings of a world illuminated by the moon (or artificial light) where there are lights and colors in the darkness

Brighton night.jpg

Juan del Pozo pintor, Cuadros de Madrid, New York, London paintings

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