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Juan del Pozo pintor artistico
Juan del Pozo
Juan del Pozo painter
Artist Biography

Born 1969, Juan del Pozo is a Spanish painter who specialises in landscapes, portraiture and still life, especially inspired by the vibrancy of his homeland where he continues to be based at its centre of Madrid. Demonstrating strong artistic flair from a young age, the artist’s father, José Rodríguez, nurtured this talent until Juan later went on to study in Madrid. Working as a professional painter since 1989, he follows in the footsteps of his family as an artist in his own right.


Whilst predominantly working in oil paints, Juan also virtuously renders pieces in engraving and watercolour, and is proud to exhibit in a range of media. The artist’s style of painting is defined by its impressionistic appearance and vital, recognisable colour palette. This use of tiny impasto brushstrokes facilitates a textual appearance which gives his scenes a unique energy. A host of pastels pulsate throughout his compositions on canvas. Whatever the subject matter the artist depicts, this exciting synergy of bright colours and liberated impressionist gesture produces artworks that are dynamic visual representations of everyday landscapes. The artist often draws his imagery from the architecture of Madrid, as well as various capitol cities.


The artist has accepted commissions to paint murals in locations throughout Spain. His background in architecture as a specialist in this at a company “Idealiza” seems to permeate his works that reflect his flawless observation of form and perspective. The artist has exhibited widely across Spain and Portugal, as well as being represented internationally. His work has also won prestigious awards in various categories and is held in private collections in Spain, England, France, Portugal, Sweden and Brazil.



Artist Statement


“Art is communication, a way, but it is also something alive and vibrant ... It must speak to our hearts.” 


Juan del Pozo


Juan del Pozo pintor, Cuadros de Madrid, New York, London paintings

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